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Frewsburg Rest Home Residents Make Holiday Donations
January 21, 2016

Residents of the Frewsburg Rest Home host many fundraisers throughout the year, including their annual cookie sale that is held during the community’s ‘Yard Sale Weekend’, monthly bake sales, and collecting recyclables. The participants enjoy preparing for and hosting the events for the local community.

Most of them feel that the best part of these projects is what they do with the fruits of their labors. Instead of using the proceeds to fund activities for themselves, residents instead opt give their profits away to charity. At the end of each year the residents collectively select several organizations to donate to and this year was no different. At the end of December seven different groups received a portion of the $625 that was raised in 2015: The Frewsburg Fire Department, Frewsburg’s Myers Memorial Library, St. Susan’s Center, Jamestown Community Helping Hands, Chautauqua-Cattaraugus County Library System, The Salvation Army, and Starflight of Jamestown.

Activities Director Brittany Anderson, who helps organize the fundraisers and also facilitates the delivery of the funds to the various organizations, notes that personally delivering the checks and meeting the people who receive the donations is a highlight for many of the participants.

"The hand delivery offers a chance for the residents to learn about current projects and specific needs of the local establishments doing such good in our community.” she says. “It brings them joy…most of the them remember volunteering locally and being involved in some of these great groups, so it is a sensational feeling that at this point in their life that they are still able to give back in some way.”

Ms. Anderson notes that each chosen location has special meaning to the group.  “Helping Hands helped my sister when she came home from the hospital.” said one resident. “I used to drive fire trucks.” recalled another.  “My sister and I used to volunteer at St. Susan’s after we retired, serving food and cleaning tables…“added a third.

“The donations we make are just a way to give back to a community that has done so much for us over the years.” Ms. Anderson explains. “The residents are excited to have this opportunity to thank these local places like the Salvation Army who visits us monthly and distributed toys and food to 577 local families, the fire department and Starflight who keep us safe, the library who provide us with large print books, and St. Susan’s and Helping Hands that do so many good things for our community. The residents are thrilled to know they are contributing to such important projects like new radios at the fire station, more large print books, and transmission work on the helicopter for the Starflight crew. The residents are a group of caring individuals who look forward to helping and giving back to their hometown. They want to remain active and healthy enough to enjoy sharing what they have, and I make sure they have the means and capabilities to do so.”

One of the residents explained his feelings about being offered the opportunity to participate in the group’s efforts. “We are proud to give back to our home community” she said. “I wouldn’t be able to donate this much on my own.”

The Frewsburg Rest Home is located at 106 Main St., Frewsburg, and is a part of the Tanglewood Group family of residences. The Tanglewood Group has been offering quality care to seniors in the greater Jamestown area for over 30 years. For more information about the Frewsburg Rest Home or any of the other Tanglewood offerings, visit their website at tanglewoodmanor.com or call 483-2876.

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