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"Louis Ferreri Memorial Park: A 'Secret' Garden"
October 1, 2014

By Katrina Fuller

Brilliant leaves and branches hang delicately overhead, as the paved walking path winds through rooted trees and hidden alcoves. Comfortable benches tucked neatly in little clearings provide tranquil space to relax and enjoy the ambiance. Sunlight glitters from between the canopy of foliage, a natural awning over the walk way. "It's like Jamestown's best kept secret," Terri Ingersoll says with a grin. The Louis Ferreri Memorial Park is a natural getaway located just behind Tanglewood Manor, a peaceful woodland retreat tucked into the middle of busy Lakewood, NY.

"The park has been in place since 2006," Terri explains, walking briskly along the path. "It was the addition of beautiful outdoor space to complement the beautiful indoor space." The park resides just down the hill from the Manor, a short walk from their outdoor porch. Residents are welcome to walk the trails, attend special events, and more at this magnificent space. There are six seating areas, two drinking water stations, and about a mile of paved walking paths throughout the park. "It's really just a nice, peaceful place."

Along the walking path, visitors can stop to rest in several serene locations, including one looking over part of the marshland. "It's my favorite little spot," Terri explains. Packed full of wildlife, and bright green plants, the scene is a beauty to behold. A bench sits in direct view of the water, giving visitors a window in a truly natural place. "It's so peaceful!" On the fence post safe guarding the marsh, a photo memorializes a resident who used to frequent the spot. "Lil Hela loved it here - her family sometimes leaves a memorial behind, like her favorite Christmas hat." Not only is the park a peaceful walk, but a stroll through fond memories as well.

The festivities are endless in this green sanctuary. "Our calendar is full of events utilizing the park," she explains. "It is heavily used for activity."  Concerts are often held in the park, as well as picnics, guest speakers, and more. In the full service pavilion complete with picnic tables, a kitchen, and rest areas, summer time feasts are a breeze outdoors. Three ponds stand in the middle of the expansive park, guarding an intricately designed stage, with the rafters joining into lofty arches at the top. The stage, designed by Brian Armbrecht, serves also as a dock on either side. The ponds are stocked with fish, giving Tanglewood fishermen an ample selection to catch. Fishing tournaments are a popular pass time, with residents getting out to enjoy the sport, as well as the fresh air and beautiful scenery. Everyone is able to enjoy this fantastic spot, as two golf carts are readily available to transport residents who would otherwise find it difficult.

"It was just a muddy swamp down here," Terri says, still amazed at the progress. Now, the park is bustling with activity, from friendly fishing competitions, music in the park, and leisurely strolls through the tree lined walk, seniors always have something to do in this amazing place. It's a beautiful bit of the natural world nestled in a city environment. "You can just wake up in the morning and go for a walk," she says.


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