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Frewsburg Rest Home - A "homey" small town option for Senior Living
August 11, 2014

Fog drifts through the sleepy town, refracting sunlight in an incandescent glow off the expansive facade of the impressive home. A picturesque gazebo, adorned with vines and flowers, stands tall in the pale morning light, the perfect place to sit and chat or enjoy a book. Through the doors lies an exquisite parlor, complete with a chandelier, cozy couches and chairs, and intricate copper ceiling. A step back in time, the Frewsburg Rest Home opens its doors and its heart to residents and families alike, creating a haven of comfort and warmth. "It's very homey, our little country home," Tammy Melice, the Administrator/Case Manager for the Frewsburg Rest Home, says. "The best care anywhere."

For over 40 years, Frewsburg Rest Home has provided excellent care and compassion to residents and their loved ones. The original home was owned by the Covenant Church until 1974, when Malcom and Joy Cisco purchased it and turned it into a rest home. "It was in their ownership until March 1st of this year, when the Tanglewood Group bought us," She explains.  Looking forward, Frewsburg Rest Home continues to offer premier care and a family atmosphere. "We pride ourselves on being very family oriented."

With new ownership comes exciting renovations and additions, slated to be completed next month. "We're in the midst of redoing all the rooms, adding additions to the dining room and the kitchen - it'll be all new!" Tammy exclaims. "It's abuzz with construction guys, outside work, landscaping - all kinds of things!" From beautiful new bedrooms and bathrooms to a renovated dining area, comfort and brilliance shine, giving residents an even better experience.

The compassion and giving nature of the Home is not limited to within the walls. On Saturday, August 9th, home residents handed out water to runners and walkers at the TRZ Youth Center Run/Walk event. "We want to get involved in the community, organizations, and groups," Tammy says. Giving back to the community, Frewsburg Rest Home furthers their legacy of care and kindness.

Frewsburg Rest Home is located at 106 West Main Street in Frewsburg, NY. For a look into the Frewsburg Rest Home and other Tanglewood Group locations, visit frewsburgresthome.com. For more information or to schedule a tour, give Tammy a call at 716-569-3095 or visit their Facebook page under 'Frewsburg Rest Home.'  "When I got here, there were only 28 rooms," Tammy says with a smile. "It's kind of exciting to see the changes over the past 38 years." Take a drive through the country, stop in for a visit, and see the compassion for yourself.


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