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Comfort Today Now Offering Post-Rehab Care
May 13, 2013

Many major health issues, such as heart attack and strokes, as well as joint related problems, like hip and knee replacements require a certain amount of rehabilitation after the event to regain and maintain a level of mobility.

Some of these rehabilitation periods are completed at in-patient programs that are provided by residential Rehabilitation or Nursing facilities.  These programs are often limited in duration by the insurance coverage of the individual.

Although some individuals are self-motivated to continue with personal fitness plans after inpatient Rehab, others return very rapidly to sedentary lifestyles. This often results in a loss of the progress that they achieved with the intensive one-on-one interaction that they had previously received.

Senior citizens and older adults may not have ready access to exercise facilities with programs that are designed specifically for their own health related issues.  Here at Comfort Today, our trained Wellness Coordinator, Joanie Denn, can design a program specific to the needs of an individual.  Her person-centered approach will help clients track their progress and maintain or even improve their fitness levels Post-Rehab.

One such individual, Dave Fredlund, who had knee surgery last fall, is a testament to this individualized care.  He recently commented “I was a man who crawled in, but now I am walking out”.  Dave started his program at Comfort Today last fall and was making steady progress when he had a setback.  On December 31, 2012 he was hit by a car while walking.  Fortunately he suffered only bumps and bruises and returned to the safety of his workouts at Comfort Today within a few weeks of the accident.

Dave continues to enjoy working out on the Cybercyle, a unique piece of equipment that stimulates both the mind and the body by using interactive tours and games.  Studies have shown that this type of exercise has been proven to increase cognitive processes along with the obvious physical fitness benefits.  Dave enjoys the programs and prefers these workouts over the standard machines and weights offered by most regular fitness centers.

Another benefit to the individualized programs offered by Comfort Today is the personalized interaction between staff members and clients. Very often a person who has been in a residential rehabilitation program for a period of time is discharged to a home situation where they are living alone.  Once they have become accustomed to the daily interaction and socialization of the caregivers at the facility, they feel more isolated in the home setting and become depressed and withdrawn.

Attending a program at a small facility like Comfort Today offers clients the chance to really get to know the staff. Regular visits to our facility help them to maintain a level of social contact as well as fitness. Other programs, such as daily lunches or outings are also offered if clients are interested.  The sense of involvement and “family” that comes from these interactions helps with a client’s general feeling of well-being.

For more information and assistance in creating a personalized Post-Rehab plan for yourself or your loved one, please call Joanie Denn today at 716-338-0500.

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