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Alzheimer's, vascular disease or any other disease process that causes dementia creates unique needs in those affected.  Caregivers need to be taught through education and example, how to successfully interact with people whose communication skills have deteriorated and how to assist with personal care when an individual is resistive.  We facilitate Alzheimer's Support Groups in conjunction with the Alzheimer's Association.  Place, dates and times as follows:

The second Tuesday of each month at 1:00PM:
Memory Garden
560 Fairmount Ave.
Jamestown, NY 14701

The third Thursday of each month at 7:00PM:
Memory Garden
560 Fairmount Ave.
Jamestown, NY 14701

"As we adapt to the unique needs of each individual, the staff at Memory Garden has learned its most important lessons from our residents:  We have learned to reminisce as they share their life stories with us.  We have become more culturally aware as we learn about their backgrounds and traditions.  We have developed specialized approaches while interacting with many different personalities. We have learned to appreciate the benefits of non-verbal communication as our residents struggle daily to make their needs known.  And, finally, we have realized that flexibility and creativity are the most important tools to use in a disease process that affects each person in such an individualized manner."     
Past Employee of Memory Garden

Audio Testimonial

Video: Memory Garden

Memory Garden - Jamestown, NY
Memory Garden



"Everyone at Memory Garden was wonderful. We wished that he could have stayed with you longer because we knew he was in the best place to care for his special needs. He is now on another path to the conclusion of a beautiful life and we cherish the good memories of his stay with you. God Bless you all."
Henry & Judith

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